Better life, better performance - discussing wellbeing with Annastiina Hintsa

Annastiina Hintsa, the CEO of Hintsa Performance, went through a burnout at 25. This made her realize the importance of a balance between work and wellbeing. Her company helps people to find what works for them in terms of wellbeing to achieve sustainable high performance. In the opening episode of Revive Podcast, Aalto University students Noor Agourram and Miisa Metsä discuss the building blocks of a balanced life with her. 

A key concept in the episode is that performance stems from wellbeing. 

Relaxing should not be a rare award to be earned by hard work, but rather a valued part of our every day routine. In addition, the approach to wellbeing should be holistic, since physical and mental health go hand in hand. Sleep is a good example: neglecting it will decrease your performance without you even noticing. This is because when you are used to being constantly sleep-deprived, it is easy to think of it as your normal state.

As all of us are working from home, maintaining a balanced life can be difficult. Annastiina’s tips are to create small habits that don’t eat up much time, such as attending a zoom call while taking a walk and keeping a water bottle at your working station. Additionally, being home is a good time to reflect on where we want to go in life and what works for us as individuals. Small decisions pile up.

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